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About Us

InnovaTorr is a Canadian company based near Montreal, Quebec. It is specialized in high vacuum technology. 

Its name combines “Innovation” and “Torr”, the pioneering vacuum unit.

Thanks to its international network of partners it helps its North and South American customers find the most cost-effective solutions regarding:

High Vacuum deposition equipment

Helium and Hydrogen leak detection processes

Vacuum Drying


Ultra high Vacuum systems and components

Thin films characterization tools

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What We Do


Vacuum pumping stations

PVD and CVD instrumentation


Vacuum Ovens

Leak Tightness control stations

Surface Analysis instruments


R&D projects 

Engineering of high vacuum and leak detection tools

Refurbishing of previously used equipment 

Consulting and Diagnosis of vacuum processes

Repair of high vacuum equipment 


Vacuum drying of transformers

Hard coatings (cutting tools, aerospace, mems..) 

Biocompatible coatings (pacemaker electrodes, prosthesis..)

Leak tightness production quality control  (air refrigeration components, valves, electrical feedthroughs, airbags..)

Metallization of plastic parts like (car headlights, perfume bottles, bath accessories..)

Mirror coatings (telescopes, car mirrors…)


Space simulation chambers

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